Where to stay for sundance.

Where to Stay During the Sundance Film Festival

10/02/2019 | by Jessica Nani | Sundance

Whether you’re a seasoned Sundance visitor or planning your first visit this season, one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make is where to stay. Luckily, Park City has an abundance of options for groups of all sizes and needs.

Pick Your Location

The Sundance Festival locations are spread across three sprawling areas: Salt Lake City, Park City, and the Sundance Mountain Resort located by Provo, Utah.

Staying in Park City

Winter vacations in Park CIty

There are 17 theatre locations that host Sundance content during the festival and 8 of these are located within walking distance on the two main streets in downtown Park City: Park Avenue and Main Street. Also around these two streets are ample amounts of shopping spots, restaurants, ski access, and nightlife.

If you want to be in the hustle and bustle of Sundance, staying on or near these two streets is a good way to go. Parking and driving during the festival can be difficult due to the crowds it attracts. Walking is often the best way to get around quickly. If you plan on driving, knowing you have a guaranteed nearby parking spot is invaluable. If you’re going without a vehicle, being within walking distance of everything is crucial.

In this cental Park City area, there is a multitude of vacation rentals, hotels, and more. We recommend booking sooner than later as the slots start filling up in September and October. Book with us here.

Check out our blog on hotels vs. vacation rentals for more on how to decide which one is best for your group.

man skiing downhill

Looking to do a bit of skiing while at Sundance?

If you want more of a ski vacation while at the Utah film festival, there are plenty of other areas in the area suited to giving you access to skiing and the events without needing to be in the middle of all the action. Homes in Deer Valley or Canyon Village, both prominent ski areas, are also great places to stay during the week. They still offer a close location to everything, while being more ski focused.

Staying in Salt Lake

The festival events in Salt Lake are also a great time. Because Salt Lake is a large, sprawling city, there are tons of hotels, vacation rentals, and more to stay in.

The majority of the events in Salt Lake are centered around the downtown area. If you choose to stay in the area, picking lodging near or in downtown is advisable.

Winter in Salt Lake City

What do you need for Sundance?

Choosing where to stay comes down to what you want out of your Sundance experience. Whether you’re here for skiing and a few films, or a week jammed packed with events and shopping, there are lodging accommodations fit for you and your group.

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