Park City Vacation Rental Management

The way in which traveler’s book vacations has evolved, moving from traditional hotels towards vacation rentals that can provide an array of experiences. We have recognized the evolving change within the Park City vacation rental industry. Cooper’s is constantly improving and updating our services to best market our homes, maximize rental revenue and meet the needs of our clients. Our team is continuously seeking ways to make our guest experience seamless, and our owners’ experience stress free. We have a comprehensive understanding of all our homes. Our business balances both homeowner and guests needs.

    A glimpse at our style of Vacation Rental Management

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  • Advertising and management of marketing platforms
  • Optimizing rental revenue while balancing owner usage
  • Communication with guests prior to, during and after their stay
  • Walk-throughs, before and after rentals
  • Concierge services offered to guests and owners
  • Cleaning services during and after guests and owners stay
  • Accounting, access to owner portal and financial reports of rentals
  • Coordination of snow removal, hot tub services, landscaping, etc.
  • In house maintenance of handyman services
  • Smart Home installations and oversight

                                                                             Marketing | Guest Retention | Concierge Service

Park city vacation rental home

There are a number of different marketing platforms available to advertise vacation rentals. We are always exploring different marketing avenues. Our teams take into consideration sites that suit our quality of homes as well as the guests we are looking to target. Managing the various marketing platforms is essential to the performance of the home. We take care of communication from start to finish. The team is in contact with guests prior to booking, prior to arrival, throughout their stay, as well as on departure. In conjunction with this, we also provide concierge services to our guests and homeowners. Our goal with providing concierge services is to help facilitate a seamless experience, encouraging our guests to return to us each year, and increasing our guest retention. We provide a simplified and stress free vacation package. This in turn results in trust and a known level of service.

Maintenance |  Monitoring | Communication

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We have established preventative maintenance programs for our homes, including installations of Smart Home systems helping to mitigate any unexpected issues. The Smart Home systems allow us and our owners, to have control over thermostats, entry codes, as well as monitoring flood and freeze sensors. While the Smart Home systems are another piece to our preventative maintenance style, we have our maintenance teams on the ground, performing walk through’s and inspecting  all of our Park City vacation rental homes. The maintenance team creates yearly preventive plans, making sure inspections, services and general up keep is all up to date. Communication and detail are two additional major aspects our maintenance teams focus on. Our team understands the value that these homes have to our owners. They recognize the trust that is instilled within us to take care of these homes as if they were our own. We communicate with our owners on multiple platforms to help ensure that owning a second home is a stress free experience.