Meet the Team

Vacation Rental & Owner Relations Team


Lindsey Nick
Lindsey is a co-owner at Cooper's along with her husband, James. She primarily manages the vacation rental side of the business as well as owner relations. When she's not working you can find her traveling with friends or hanging out with her dog, Banksy.
Dusty Seitz
Operations Manager
Dusty is our Operations Manager and primarily works primarily with our owners to ensure property home service. When he's not working, Dusty takes his 2-year-old, Wylder, wife Natalie, and office dog, Bronson, on mini adventures around the Park City area. When not adventuring he enjoys a good book or watching Ozark with a decent cup of tea.
Doug Bauman
Director of Maintenance
Doug is our head of Maintenance. He works mainly with our managed homes and coordinating our maintenance team to ensure healthy homes, especially in the winter months. Doug is an avid runner and an excellent carpenter. When not at work he enjoys taking his family to Disneyland.
Von Bergen
Director of Housekeeping
Von is our Housekeeping Manager. He ensures all our homes are kept sparkling clean and stocked with everything our guests need. He enjoys playing volleyball with his wife and friends on the weekends or sipping a craft beer while watching the Office.
Kensi Robinson
Reservations Specialist
Kensi is our Reservations and Invoicing specialist. She handles all guest inquires and invoicing. A Utah native, Kensi loves spending time with her 3 kids, and anything true-crime related. She recommends Cold Case Files for any true crime fan out there.
Jess Nani
Marketing + Software Development Manager
Jess manages our marketing and software development efforts. When not working, Jess enjoys baking with her partner and spending too much money on coffee. She's currently forcing herself to reread the entire Twilight series and highly recommends skipping New Moon altogether.
Liz Johnson
Administrative Assistant
Liz is our maintenance administrative assistant. She's a Jackson, Wyoming native who recently moved to Salt Lake to finally learn how to drive in the big city. She loves camping with her partner and dog, Willie.
Collin Daybell
Maintenance Supervisor
Collin is one of our maintenance leads. He primarily manages all of our homes in the Old Town area. When not working, you'll find Collin enjoying a good beer or going on long walks with his dog.
Cody Hoenshell
Maintenance Supervisor
Cody is one of our maintenance leads who primarily focuses on our homes in the greater Park City area. When not at work, you'll find Cody working on home improvement projects with his partner, or going on mountain adventures with his pup.
Steve Richard
Maintenance Supervisor
Steve is one of our maintenance leads who primarily focuses on our homes in the Old Town area. When not at work, you'll find Steve relaxing at home, and hanging out with his daughter.
Alicia Talsma
Office Manager
Alicia was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Midway in 2012. She has three kids Jennalee, Tyler, and Noah Jr. When not at work she enjoys the outdoors camping with family and friends, hiking, and going to concerts.

HOA Management Team


James Stevenson
James is a co-owner of Cooper's Luxury Home Collection along with his wife, Lindsey. He mainly manages the HOA & property management side of the operation. When he's not at work he likes golfing, fishing, and taking long mountain walks in the rain with his dog, Banksy.
John Tracy
Property Manager
John is our townhome community manager. He originally hails from Minneapolis, and when he's not working you can find him camping, hiking, or fishing with his dog, Monty.
Jess Adams
Finance Manager & Controller
Jess is the finance guru at Cooper's. She's originally from New York, and when she's not working you can find her hanging out with her two kiddos, drinking a lot of coffee, or reading a good book with her book club.
Patty Winterer
Property Manager
Patty is the director of the Glenwild community and several other of our HOAs. She originally comes from Alaska, and when she's not working you can find her adventuring outdoors running rivers, skiing, or mountain biking. She loves experimental cooking and quiet time in reading.
Brian Mehregan
Property Manager
Brian works with Patty to manage several of our HOA communities. He comes from Detriot, Michigan, and when not working for Cooper's you can find him adventuring outside in the sun or snow with his perfect beagle, Maggie.
Chris Cottis
Maintenance Technician
Chris is a rare 3rd generation Parkite. An avid soccer dad and SUP pro, his weekends are filled with hanging out with his son, adventuring in and around Park City, or watching is latest guilty pleasure show, "Ted Lasso."
Martha Zaugg
Administrative Assistant + Billing
Martha is our HOA administrative assistant and billing servicer. She's a Salt Lake City native who loves plants and her 2 dogs, Wells + Waldo. When she's not at work you'll probably find her in the Trader Joe's seasonal food aisle or watching her guilty pleasure TV show, Parks & Rec.


Fur Relations Team


Meow Master
Moose, arguably the best pet at Cooper's, is our resident cat in a sea of dogs. He is the king of napping on laps + proving to dog people that cats are superior.
CEO of Cooper's Critters
Banksy is our head office dog. He likes removing squeakers from toys to cut out the middle man and taking naps. He also keeps the office his ow safe from any unknown visitors.
Food Tester
Monty is the resident food sniffer and tester. He makes sure no one in the office eats anything gross. Like his owner, John, he isn't fan of squeaky toys, but happily donates the squeaker parts of his toys to Banksy.
Chief of Rocks
Bronson is the office rock expert. He collects rocks for us on his walks and lovingly carries them around from office to office leaving them for his owner, Dusty to clean up.
Licking Manger
Porter is the office greeter. He makes sure everyone feels welcome and loved by giving them a nice big lick upon meeting or remeeting, or really anytime you're close by. Porter passed in August of 2020, but we still love and miss him every day.
Head of Naps + Snacks
Maggie is an expert napper & leader of snack consumption. She loves adventuring with her owner, Brian, and hunting down perfect sun spots for her lengthy naps.
Emotional Support + Customer Service
Willie is the resident friendly face of the office. He's always there for good cuddles, pet sessions, and treats from his owner, Liz.
Zoom Manager
Kai is our office zoomie expert. When she isn't running around her owner, Doug, like crazy, she's making sure everyone is protected at home.
Dispute Resolution Specialist
One of two puppies in the office, Frank gets to ride with his owner, Nick, around to his various job sites to oversee any projects in need of his help.
Drooling Director
Turbo works very hard to keep all the office surfaces drool free, but slips up sometimes when his owner, Chris gives him a particularly tasty treat.
Wells + Waldo
Fetch Cordinators
Wells + Waldo are a package deal who specialize in fetching sticks and balls for their owner, Martha!
Paw-ject Manager
June coordinates all our Cooper's Critters projects and makes sure the maintenance team stays on track.