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Spotlight: “Pivoting During the Pandemic to be More Robust with James Stevenson”

Cooper’s owner, James Stevenson, made his first podcast debut a few weeks ago on Craig Willet’s show, “The Biz Sherpa.” They sat down to discuss Cooper’s experience navigating the pandemic as a small business in a ski town, starting Cooper’s, and the importance of communication as an owner. ⁠ Listen to the podcast here: […]

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What to do in Park City for your Holiday Vacation

What to do in Park City for your Holiday Vacation

It’s here! The holiday season is upon us and, more importantly, ski season has begun. As visitors come into Park City for their holiday vacations, there’s always the question, “so, what do I do when I’m not skiing?” or “what can I do if I don’t ski?” Thank goodness there’s a whole bunch of fun […]

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Fall in Park City

Fall Vacations in Park City

With fall nearly upon us in Park City, it’s time for locals and visitors alike to seek out new activities to both relax as well as to explore. Fly Fishing Fly fishing is difficult in the spring due to the high run off and can be tricky in early summer due to mosquitoes and the […]

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Mountain Biking in Park City

Mountain Biking in Park City

Park City has long been known for its deep winters, excellent ski terrain, and abundant nightlife. Over recent years mountain biking has become the go-to activity for those wanting the thrill of exploring new mountains and trails once the snow has melted away.  International Mountain Bike Association With over 450 miles of International Mountain Bike […]

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Dog and a canyon

Dogs and Rattlesnakes: Preparing your Pup for the Trail

Planning a trip down to the desert with your dog? Do you often visit Park City’s nature trails with your favorite furry friend? If so, you may want to consider Rattlesnake Aversion Training.  We humans know to stay away from these snakes who frequent our neighboring desert ecosystem. However, our dogs are much more curious. […]

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Bark City

Dog-Friendly Activites in Park City

Our small family moved to Park City in January of 2018. We found the best way to explore our new town was to let our dog lead the way. Bronson, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, turned out to be the best guide we could ask for as he begged to go explore. In the first year, […]

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Northern Utah Destinations

Northern Utah Destinations: Food & Fun

The best part about Northern Utah is how jammed packed with must see destinations it is. Drive an hour in any direction and you’ll be sure to find good food, hiking, and more. As a Utah native, I’ve explored the area a decent amount. Between night hikes up Millcreek Canyon in Salt Lake, to the […]

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Spring has Sprung in Park City

Now that winter has come to an end and we inch our way toward the warm summer months, we are excited to revive our blog and share with you our favorite restaurants, things to do, and events happening in Park City. You will be hearing from a different team member each week. They will be […]

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