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Spotlight: “Pivoting During the Pandemic to be More Robust with James Stevenson”

Cooper’s owner, James Stevenson, made his first podcast debut a few weeks ago on Craig Willet’s show, “The Biz Sherpa.” They sat down to discuss Cooper’s experience navigating the pandemic as a small business in a ski town, starting Cooper’s, and the importance of communication as an owner. ⁠ Listen to the podcast here: […]

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Covid Guest Safety Policies

As a vacation rental company, our legal and moral responsibilities for guests stays are as follows: There is a mandatory 24-hour gap required between all reservations to protect both housekeeping and all guests.  Cooper’s is required to report/house any guest who contracts COVID-19 to Summit County Health Department. (See ‘If a Guest Contracts COVID for […]

10/21/2020 | by Jessica Nani | No Comments Vacation Rentals

$300.00 Delta Voucher

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the Park City Area Lodging Association to offer you a flight voucher of $300.00 with Delta Airlines when you book a trip to Park City, Utah this winter.    Any 3-night or longer trip booked in one of our homes between November 22, 2020, and […]

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A Park City Fall

Making the Most of Park City’s Fall + Shoulder Season   With everything so chaotic this year, the consistency of seasonal change is a comforting constant as we navigate so much unknown. As the leaves here in Park City start to crisp and change, the little patches of red and yellow dotting our mountains is […]

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A Big Thank You!

To our homeowners,  We want to take a moment to thank you all for being so supportive and kind during these crazy times. Your patience and care for us and our employees have helped us deal with what is a very strange and unprecedented situation.    As for many, our immediate world has completely changed, but with the […]

04/16/2020 | by Jessica Nani | No Comments Around Town

Cooper’s Covid-19 Response

To our guests and owners,   Following the announcement from the World Health Organization (WHO) of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Cooper’s Luxury Home Collection has been working diligently with our owners to address the issue of travelers who were planning on visiting Park City in the coming weeks. With the increasing travel risks and mass […]

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6 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List By Visiting Park City

Park City may be a relatively small town, but it has a huge presence on the world scene. Not only is it the venue for one of the world’s most famous film festivals, but it also hosted many events for the 2002 Winter Olympics.      There are many exciting activities you can cross off […]

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How to Plan a Multi-Family Ski Vacation (and Still be Friends After)

Your ski vacation should only have one stressor: planning how fast can you get to the mountain on a pow day.

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What to do in Park City for your Holiday Vacation

It’s here! The holiday season is upon us and, more importantly, ski season has begun. As visitors come into Park City for their holiday vacations, there’s always the question, “so, what do I do when I’m not skiing?” or “what can I do if I don’t ski?” Thank goodness there’s a whole bunch of fun […]

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What is Property Management?

Property management is a broad term for the management of homes and commercial areas. Most commonly, property managers take care of maintenance and administrative tasks for properties like large groups of rentals, apartment buildings, HOAs, commercial centers, nightly rentals, and similar. Who Needs a Property Manager? Property management companies serve a variety of purposes and […]

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