Park City with Kids

Visiting Park City With Kids

07/18/2019 | by Jessica Nani | Vacation Rentals

Whether you are just visiting the Park City area or living here full time, knowing where to take the kids for an afternoon away from screens is essential. Our resident mom expert at Cooper’s has some great places where little kids and big kids alike will have a great time (and you will, too). 

Swaner Preserve and Ecocenter in Park City

Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter

According to their website, “The Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter is a 1,200-acre nature Preserve and a 10,000 square foot LEED Platinum building with interactive exhibits about the surrounding environment. We offer weekly nature tours, wildlife viewing opportunities, summer camps, environmental education for children and adults, evening lecture series, a gift shop with local and eco-friendly art.”

The Swaner Preserve offers fun and family-friendly activities each week. Saturdays are the “Saturday Morning Nature Walk.” Patrons are allowed to explore the Swaner Preserve wetlands with a guide. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the wetlands, native plants and animals, and the history of the preserve. 

Inside the EcoCenter is a climbing wall that is open every Saturday and Sunday from 1-3 PM. Climbing is fun for all ages. 

Every Sunday is “Sunday Craft” Day from 11 am to 1 pm. The Swaner EcoCenter offers a nature-themed craft and all ages are welcome. 

A calendar with all of the activities is available at

Jupiter Bowl

No matter your age, a game of bowling never falls flat. At Jupiter Bowl, they’ve done a great job of maintaining the classic feel of your neighborhood bowling alley while updating their premises with “modern” features that kids love and think are “cool.” 

With great snacks, comfortable couch seating at every alley, and a full bar it’s a great place for a mixed-age party to all have a good time. Finding something that everyone in your party enjoys is difficult. Jupiter offers some great solutions, even if bowling isn’t your thing. 

Learn more at

Paint Fusion

Let’s be honest, the last thing we want to do as caretakers is mediate paint time in our own home, let alone in a vacation rental or hotel. But if you have an artsy kid, that may be all they want to do, no matter where you are. 

Paint Fusion is a great outlet and creative activity for kids to get a little paint messy in a safe environment. They have projects for all skill levels so everyone involved has a great time. 

Learn more at

Park City Museum

Located conveniently on Main Street, the Park City Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon with the kids and sneak some educational (but fun) activities into the day. They do awesome outdoor tours of Main Street and surrounding areas as well as other fun activities hosted throughout the summer. 

Check out their website for the most updated calendar information:

Utah Olympic Park

Built for the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Games, the Olympic Park is the perfect spot to have some fun and try something new! Kids will love the extreme tubing, zip line tour, and extreme zip-lining. The park also offers shows and events throughout the summer. Admission to the park is free and all events are available to purchase separately. Throughout the summer, you can take in a Freestyle show that features Olympians and National Team skiers and snowboarders perform acrobatic tricks off of the main ski jump. The Freestyle show is scheduled every Saturday and Sunday at 1 PM until September 1st. 

Learn more at

What other local summer activities do your kiddos love? Let us know in the comments and we’ll keep updating this post with your great suggestions!

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