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What Makes a Good Vacation Rental: Tips and Tricks

07/12/2019 | by TheLocal | Vacation Rentals

This topic is too immense to simply address in just one post. However, there are a few key vacation rental tips our team always considers when adding homes to our inventory as well as reviewing our current collection of homes.

Living Space

Does the living area provide enough space for the number of occupants the home sleeps? We review this aspect of the home and take it into great consideration as it is two fold. We always want our guests to be comfortable whether they are in their bedroom or if they are lounging in the living area.

The last thing we want is our guests to cram too many people into a home and not enjoy their time together because at the end of the day, even with family, everyone needs a little space. It is important that the living area comfortably accommodates all of the guests staying within the home.  We also review this aspect of the home for our homeowners. These homes are very well looked after and maintained.

They are special to our homeowners. We do not want to unnecessarily exceed wear and tear on the home by having too many guests using it for each rental.


Cleanliness. One of the most important things other than communication with our guests, is that the home is hotel style cleaned after each guest. Entering a clean and well kept home, sets the precedent for our guests stay and makes them feel that much more comfortable and at ease. We have an in house cleaning team that keep our homes to a very high standard. Additionally, our teams perform walk-throughs before each guests arrival, ensuring the home is set for our guests stay.

Home Supplies

Supplies within the home. Our goal is have our guests feel, their vacation rental is a home away from home. We have a mandatory supply list identifying items that must be within the home. We try to provide everything a guest would need to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Everything from hairdryers in each bathroom, humidifiers in each bedroom, to Crockpots in the kitchen, and grills our decks, our homes should feel like a home away from home for all. Occasionally we will receive a request from a guest asking for an item that is not found within the home. We are always happy to provide our guests with these additional supplies, especially if we feel it will enhance a future guests stay within the home.

Location, Location, Location

Location. Whenever people look to book holidays, you always hear, location, location, location. If you are looking to make a home a vacation rental, in order for it to reach it’s full potential, the home needs to be in a desirable location. A place where people go to enjoy, relax, and adventure.

Like we mentioned, there are far too many answers to the question “What makes a good rental property?” So, here’s a list of other resources to look at when considering your home for a vacation rental. Happy reading!

Please note that these blog posts are not written by Cooper’s affiliates and are simply resources we found useful for potential research. 


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